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​Check out COE’s two booth locations this year – S4734 and S4722. Just look for the eagle to learn about the company’s new offerings and how, in this instance, a double eagle means an above par experience in your coil processing operations.

Equipment designed to process today’s materials
With the increasing use of lightweight, high-strength materials in automotive and other industries, COE has been addressing the difficulties in processing these new advanced high strength steels with its equipment designs. This year COE is launching its new patent-pending SpaceMaster® Series 4 compact coil line capable of processing today’ higher yield materials  — while doing so within space-constrained areas. The SpaceMaster Series 4 fits within a mere 22-ft. of floor space as compared to the 40-ft. to 50-ft. footprint of a conventional line. 

Importantly, the Series 4 equipment features a new servo-actuated pilot release of the upper straightener rolls. This provides more accurate piloting timing, faster pilot release, and higher SPM’s than hydraulic and pneumatic designs, enabling these systems to achieve press feeding speeds of up to 70 SPM as compared to 40 to 50 SPM in traditional compact coil lines – resulting in quick ROI.

The systems also feature powered pull-off rolls to maintain tension on heavy-gauge and high-strength materials. The SpaceMaster Series 4 can handle CRS, HRS, AHSS, stainless and aluminum from .020-in to .40-in. thick, 12-in. to 72-in. wide, and 10,000-lb. to 60,000-lb. coil weights. 

Introduced last year, COE is also highlighting its HD Series straighteners designed to process AHSS and other high yield strength steels. The HD Series features improved work roller design, higher strength of materials, tighter straightener roll spacing, and increased roll depth penetration. Additionally, the HD Series provides increased roll force delivery, stronger gears and bearings, and an improved straightener roller backup mechanism to provide both the rigidity to effectively process AHSS materials. Available in three sizes, these straighteners can process material at widths from 1.0-in. to 84.0-in., thickness from .010-in. to .620-in., and coil weights up to 60,000-lbs.

COE in Action
In booth S4722, COE has a full 36-in. coil processing line feeding an AIDA Model DSF-M2-4000 Servo Press. The line features a Series 4 roll feed, 350 power straightener, 15,000-lb. capacity reel and an Allen Bradley controls package with COE’s exclusive Work Roll Advisor capability.  Work Roll Advisor is designed to take the guesswork out of setting up a straightener.  Roll depth setting is automatically calculated and, depending on the machine configuration, automatically set.  Users simply enter their material specifications – thickness, width and yield strength into the controls, and the recommended straightener roll depth settings are automatically calculated.  The settings are easily saved to the Job Recipe Manager for retrieval.  COE’s Work Roll Compensation feature automatically adjusts the straightener roll depth settings as the coil OD depletes to compensate for changes in the amount of coil set in the material.

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