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Increased Production Efficiency

Coil Reels & Uncoilers

COE Press Equipment manufactures both motorized and pull-off type coil reels available as single-end or, for increased production efficiency, double-ended reel designs as well as stationary or traveling configurations. Also known as uncoilers,  COE manufactures coil reels that can hold coils weighing up to 60,000#.

Single End Coil Reel with Coil Car
Double End Coil Reel

Coil Reel Specifications

  • Coil width: 1” - 78”
  • Yield Strength: 10 – 300 KSI
  • Coil ID: 16” – 24.75”
  • Coil OD: up to 72”
  • Coil weight: up to 60,000#
  • Speed: up to 200 FPM
  • Materials: Aluminum, AHSS, CR Steel, HR Steel, Galvanized, Stainless, Pre-painted

Optional Equipment

Traveling coil cars

Coil lift stations

Traveling up-enders

Coil storage racks and turn-stiles

Coil hold down arms with motorized end wheels

Coil keepers Power coil guide

Automatic back-tension systems