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Flatten and Feed AHSS, Even in Constrained Spaces

Compact Coil Line Equipment

Lightweighting strategies have resulted in increased use of advanced high strength steels (AHSS), which are challenging stampers during the straightening process prior to feeding the press. To overcome this issue, COE has developed a series of space saving coil line machines featuring straightening technology that effectively addresses coil set, as well as crossbow in many situations. These compact coil lines can achieve the flatness required to process high strength, high yield materials –- backed by FEA and software utilities that prove the performance capabilities. These space-saving coil line machines are also capable of processing a wider range of materials — both thick and thin — than conventional equipment. COE is able to provide small footprint, large capability compact coil line equipment for your constrained environment. Nahanni is an excellent example of success in AHSS processing.

Nahanni, an Excellent Example of Success in AHSS

“By taking the Coe line on board we’ve taken away one big question mark. Is the steel coming in the right shape before we put it through the tool? And the answer is yes. Now we can manipulate it, change it, flatten it, choose what we do to it (to a point). That’s a big, big asset.”

– Sebastijan Zupanec, General Manager, Nahanni