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Feature Rich & High Functionality

SyncMaster™ Integrated Controller

COE’s SyncMaster™ coil line control system is our base package for integrated lines, allowing operators to manage both feed and straightener functions, setups, and diagnostic reviews from a single, user-friendly touchscreen. Just as feature-rich as our SERVOMASTER® package, the SyncMaster coil line control system is designed to provide the high functionality typically associated with full custom systems at a value price.

syncmaster coil line control system

SyncMaster™ Line Controller Specifications

  • Integration of coil feed system – servo feed, straightener, and reel
  • Mode control and jogging of straightener from feeder HMI
  • Laser loop monitoring and control configurable from feeder HMI
  • Thread table raise/lower from feeder HMI
  • Line speed averaging to avoid stop/start of straightener
  • Automatic lubrication control configurable from feeder HMI
  • Automatic mandrel expansion configurable from HMI
  • Drag brake setting by recipe
  • Tight loop signaling to feeder
  • Loop feed fault detection to stop straightener if feeder isn’t running
  • System E-stop control from feeder and straightener operating stations