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Fineblanking with Leveler Quality at the Price of a Straightener

COE’s “Fineblanking Edition” HD straightener, based upon COE’s advanced straightener technology, can achieve the precision and flatness typically only achieved by a leveler to produce near net shape blanked parts. COE’s fineblanking lines also feature coil reels with multiple hydraulic hold downs with motorized endwheels for effective coil containment and COE’s pivoting “alligator” style peeler-debender for a hands-free, modular approach to threading.

COE’s fineblanking lines can process materials at widths from 1.0” to 36.0”, thickness up to .630” at 6.00” wide and coil weights up to 40,000 lbs. They can process materials with yield strengths up to 1000 Mpa while holding flatness tolerances of .003” TIR per square foot.

UTIL Experiences COE's Straightener Flatness

“I would recommend COE for the machine’s ability to achieve constant output, the flexibility of the machine, as well as the rigidity of the machine. And for the reliable service we received from COE in terms of their flexibility in developing and accommodating our needs.”

Alessandro Lupis, Technical Director UTIL Group


Read more about the fineblanking process in the “Processing Advanced Steel Alloys” article from Today’s Motor Vehicles.