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Our History

A Heritage of Performance

COE Press Equipment was started in 1976 by John COE, with $500 and the idea of selling rebuilds, used equipment, accessories, and parts to the metal stamping industry. When a customer asked for a new coil feed line, John took this opportunity and hired two employees to help on the project. The success of this line established COE as a provider of a higher quality machine with innovative features, with the company then launching its own line of servo feed controls and customized packages.

Moving to the current Sterling Heights location in 1980, the company continued to grow organically as well as by purchasing certain assets and product designs from Sesco, Inc., a coil processing company originally established in 1938. COE maintained its leadership position in the industry by continually looking for ways to improve equipment performance. Research and development are embedded within the COE culture as the company continually look for ways to improve customer operations through enhanced product offerings. From being the first to introduce a Kevlar non-stretch timing belt drive in 1982 to launching the first PLC controls with automated setup and simulation capabilities in 2020, COE has continued its heritage or performance.

Our History


COE Founded

COE was founded by John C. Coe in Rochester, MI.


Office Relocation

COE relocated to Sterling Heights, MI to a larger 18,000 sq. ft. facility. We also added machine rebuilding and reconditioning to our company services.


New Machine Development

We developed the first COE coil reels and power straighteners.


A Series of Firsts

First programmable servo roll feed with Indramat CFS-01 controller. First company to utilize “Kevlar” non-stretch timing belt drive.


New Program

COE added a spare parts and maintenance program.


New Facility

We added an 18,000 sq. ft. facility for CNC Machining.


First Generation

COE developed the first generation COE Servo Feed Controller as standard; servo controller and operator interface for single-axis feeding applications.


Second Generation

COE developed its second generation BG-2 Servo Feed Controller with job memory and diagnostics as standard; servo controller for single-axis and multiple-axis feeding applications.


PowerLine Series

COE introduced the PowerLine Series for “economic” servo feed applications along with BG-1 Servo Feed Controller for “economic” single-axis feeding applications.


Seven Models

We developed standardized 10,000# – 60,000# Coil Reels and Coil Cars in seven models.


Introducing ServoMaster®

We introduced the ServoMaster® Series of “standard” servo feeds in four models.


ServoMaster Controller Introduced

COE introduced the ServoMaster Controller and Yaskawa digital servos as standard for single-axis, zig-zag, push-pull, and step-programmable applications.


Sesco Products Group Division Launched

We launched the Sesco Products Group division to focus on niche technologies such as CTL Lines, Blanking Lines, Oscillating Shear Dies and Presses, Blank Washers and Sprayers.


Direct Transfer Press Feed Systems

We introduced the first generation of multi-mode Direct Transfer Press Feed Systems that combined the efficiency of coil feeding with flexibility of blank feeding.


Material Savings Benefits

COE introduced the second generation of multi-mode Direct Transfer Press Feed Systems that added “trapezoid” near net shaped blanks for material savings benefits.


New Power Straighteners

Developed the 250-350 Series of “standard” power straighteners in two models.


Facility Addition

COE added a 20,000-sq.ft. facility with overhead cranes.


New Partnership

COE formed a partnership with Shung Dar, bringing SpaceMaster Compact Coil Lines to North America for space-saving press feeding applications.


Value Added Strategy

We developed a market strategy and technology for “value-added” Cut-to-Length Lines as “cost-savings” for steel end-users like metal stampers, fabricators, and OEM’s.


Partnering with GSW

COE developed a partnership with GSW for technology-sharing of niche coil processing machines to include Piloting Feeder-Straighteners, and Cradle-Feeder-Straighteners.


Third Generation System

Introduced third generation multi-mode Direct Transfer Press Feed Systems with “Compact Coil Line” arrangement and added destacking functionality.


Integrating SESCO

COE announced the integration of the SESCO product line into the COE Press Equipment brand.


Expanding Capabilities

COE developed the Clam Shell straightener design and the 10,000# Series coil reel was developed for widths from 12 – 36” wide.


New Program

COE launched the Certified Inspection and Maintenance Program.


New Straightener

COE releases the AHSS-capable HD Series straightener.


COE On Demand

We launched the SpaceMaster Series 4 compact coil and the COE Assurance “On Demand” 24-hour response service.


AHSS Capability

COE’s AHSS-Capability was designed into all power straighteners.


New Machines

We announced the SpaceMaster Series 5 and Oscillating Servo-Shear.


Redesigned Feeds

COE re-designed the Heavy-Duty (HD) Servo Roll Feeds and made them AHSS-capable.


New President

Reid Coe was named COE president and we released the online store and Express Delivery Program.


Advanced PLC Controls

We released advanced PLC Controls with simulation, automated setup, and dynamic compensation.

Science Behind the Solution

The Proven Performance Behind Our Equipment

Some companies claim to have the most robust equipment in the business, but at COE we provide you with coil line advantages based upon our experience with a large install base as well engineering data that backs up our machine performance. Our equipment’s lifecycle extends far beyond its warranty, continuing to perform 30+ years in many cases. So, if you’re looking at the Total Cost of Ownership, COE machines are an excellent investment.

But beyond a long life, today’s customers deserve to know that any metal forming solution purchase can tackle today’s wide array of materials, including second and third phase advanced steels.

We're Here to Help You Find the Right Equipment

Before any COE equipment is finalized, its performance is proven to the customer using our COE-developed engineering spreadsheets, which we refer to as the “Science behind the Solution” calculators.

Using customer-supplied data, we use these engineering calculations to configure a solution that will meet their requirements.

This allows us to verify that the entire line will be able to contain, thread, rewind, straighten and feed the materials specified. If the list falls outside of the equipment capabilities, we sit down with the customer and explain the limitations and discuss possible solutions. This takes the guesswork out of the quoting process and demonstrates to the customer exactly what equipment is needed to correctly and safely process their spectrum of metals.

Manufacturing most everything in-house, this vertically integrated approach allows us to maintain control over our operations, ensuring we deliver solutions of the highest quality. Additionally, our machines feature modular designs, which make them easy to maintain and to upgrade as your needs change. Starting with our top-notch engineering staff focused on R&D, we develop our solutions using intelligent design, high quality components and precision assembly with all COE systems backed by our 5-4-3 Warranty. Then once installed, you can rely upon our service team to provide support through ongoing coil feed life cycle services.

The COE Code

Our Way of Doing Business

At COE, our success stems from a heritage of firmly embedded principles that allow us to consistently place you, the customer, at the forefront of our high-quality, innovative coil processing solutions. We listen, respond, deliver, and support you each step of the way. You get innovative solutions engineered for your needs and backed by our comprehensive team of experts.

Our combination of product, price and service provides you with the highest value for your coil processing needs. Our customers not only rely upon us for high-quality coil-processing solutions today but have confidence that we will be there to support them for tomorrow. 

Although our equipment often lasts for 30+ years, to us it’s more than just a machine, it’s more than a piece of equipment; it’s a relationship.

The COE Code


Our customer comes first, always.

Our focus is on you. We listen closely and respond in a manner that meets your objectives.


Offer more than just a machine.

Quality equipment from COE is a given. But we strive to go further, delivering the best combination of innovation, product, price and service.


Respect our customer — their people, time and operation.

We show up with the right tools, on time and in a presentable manner, we adhere to your plant rules and leave things neat and orderly.


Meet all our commitments at all levels from start to finish.

From the initial order through the operating life of the equipment, we deliver on what is promised to you.


Develop better products using the science behind the solutions.

We believe there is always a better way. Engineering drives our organization to develop new technology that helps you do your job better.


Establish and maintain long-term relationships.

We invest the time and talent needed to earn your trust, to become a reliable partner that you can depend upon for years to come.


Boost our customers’ productivity.

Our solutions are designed to efficiently improve throughput, allowing you to accomplish more while maintaining world-class levels of quality.


Share and apply our experience in creative ways.

We go beyond listening. We reflect on what you tell us, understand your needs and apply our knowledge and expertise to you in a way that provides the best solution.


Offer products that fit our customer objectives.

We deliver the right-sized products — be it a single piece of equipment or a complete line.


Go where our customer needs us.

Financially stable and globally capable, we can deliver and maintain systems wherever you manufacture.