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Coil Feed Line Service

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of products, services and solutions for our customers throughout the world. We earn our customer’s loyalty by providing high-value, innovative, and technically advanced systems that are delivered on-time and on-budget. 

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COE's 5-4-3 Factory Warranty

In recent years, COE has made a strategic move toward modular coil feed line products based upon standard designs. This change has reduced the number of components required, reducing the number of welds and streamlining assembly. This has enabled the company to increase the reliability and simplify the maintenance of the coil processing equipment, as well as accommodate reconfiguring machines as customer needs change.

“We believe that COE has always been recognized for producing robust machines,” commented President, Reid Coe, “but with our new designs, we see even more reliability with fewer parts required for repairs, enabling us to confidently offer this unique warranty.”

All coil feed systems manufactured new by COE Press Equipment are delivered to our customers with the additional assurance of our Industry Leading “5-4-3” Warranty on material and workmanship as stated below from date of shipment. COE Press Equipment utilized suppliers and manufacturers of high quality mechanical and electrical components. This overall dedication to quality assures long term performance of our products and provides the highest return on the capital investments for our customers.  Our Industry-Leading “5-4-3” Warranty provide unequaled assurance that COE Press Equipment products will be supported in our customer’s facilities. In the event that a customer has a problem outside of normal business hours, our 24 Hour Technical Service Hotline provides immediate support and reduced downtime.

On all parts manufactured by Coe Press Equipment Corporation from date of shipment. Includes frames, sideplates, end members, weldments, mandrels and rollers. Excludes any “wear” surfaces. 

On all purchased mechanical components originally installed by Coe Press Equipment Corporation from date of shipment. Includes bearings, gears, straightener jacks, cabinet jacks, castings, sprockets and chains.  Excludes any “wear” surfaces. 

​On all components originally installed or manufactured by Coe Press Equipment Corporation will be defect-free for a period of three years from the date of shipment. Full warranty includes parts and labor required to replace parts determined to have factory defects.  

This warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with, abused, modified, altered, or operated with parts other than supplied or recommended by Coe Press Equipment Corporation. COE makes no Warranty, express of implied, with respect to any product or labor furnished in connection with the servicing of Coe Products not manufactured or serviced by COE. Warranty is also void if equipment is serviced by vendors other than COE or not approved by COE. Warranty is based on normal usage and excludes equipment operated beyond rated capacity or equipment not receiving proper maintenance as described in the owner’s manual.

Parts claimed defective must be returned, freight pre-paid, to our plan in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Any parts determined defective dur to faulty workmanship or materials will be replaced or repaired, at our option, free of charges, F.O.B. our plant. Except as expressly provided herein, this warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including a warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with, abused, modified, altered, or operated with parts other than supplied or recommended by Coe Press Equipment Corporation. In no event shall Coe Press Equipment Corporation be liable for any anticipated profits or for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, however arising. Coe Press Equipment Corporation does not warranty equipment to meet the requirements of any safety codes of any state, municipality or other jurisdiction, and the purchaser assumes all risk and liability whatsoever resulting from the use thereof whether used singularly or in combination with other machinery or apparatus. Any change in the materials, design or performance intended to improve any product of Coe Press Equipment shall not obligate Coe Press to modify any previously manufactured equipment. Warranty based on normal usage and excludes equipment operated beyond rated capacity or equipment not receiving proper maintenance as described in the owner’s manual. 

Technical Support

Whenever, Wherever You Need Us

Things can go wrong at any time of day, but you can count on COE to be there when you need us. COE Press Equipment has a heritage of putting the customer first plus the technical knowledge to solve your issues in the most effective manner to get you back into full production mode.


24/7/365 Access to Experience

COE’s technical phone support team members have an average of over 20 years’ experience per technician, each ready to provide you with the personal attention you need when you need it. If we can’t resolve the program remotely, it is immediately referred to our Field Service team.


Field Service at Your Door

No one can afford downtime, so COE is committed to dispatching a technician to your facility within 24 hours of your call.  Our responsiveness and well-stocked parts inventory help ensure you avoid any unnecessary downtime.

Production Support

Operational Improvement Through On-Site Assistance

No one intends to function at less than optimal productivity. But, the truth is that most companies are so focused on current demands, that no one has the time to analyze performance until it becomes an issue. COE’s Production Support team is equipped to work alongside your operators and maintenance staff helping to avoid potential problems, as well as looking for ways to optimize your equipment and personnel performance through our various service offerings.

Our services have helped customers make gains that pay back in a day.

Doubling line speed on a compact line after a single service visit. Increasing CTL line output by 5% after a single service visit 50% reduction in process steps and coil change over after a single service visit.

  • Equipment Setup and Tuning
  • JIT Support/Critical Deliveries
  • Production Monitoring and Consultation
  • Process Improvement
  • Line Speed Optimization
  • Operator & Maintenance Training
  • Basic Inspection
  • Spare Parts Monitoring
  • Coil Changeover Reduction
  • Equipment Setup and Tuning
Preventative Maintenance

Don't Get Caught By Surprise Breakdowns

Regular equipment maintenance is something that every company knows it should do, but which few follow through on. Studies show that the majority of equipment failures can be traced back to improper maintenance practices. COE can help you avoid downtime and keep your equipment running at its best with our effective COE-Certified Inspection and Maintenance program. During this 210-point inspection, we document the condition of each critical component of your equipment and fix any immediate issues. After inspection, we provide a comprehensive field report that includes additional actions that should be considered to maximize equipment performance. Don’t’ wait until you find yourself in a reactive situation – proper maintenance can add years to equipment life.

Retrofits & Refurbs

Upgrading What You've Already Got

Capital equipment investments are nothing to be taken lightly. So, it’s important to get the best performance and service life you can from your equipment. But, sometimes new materials and production requirements can challenge equipment. COE provides a number of options that can help improve the productivity of your existing coil feeding line.

Read about the Value of New vs. Retrofit Equipment in Fabricator Magazine.

Available Services


Available in six different drive sizes from 2” – 8” in diameter and 6” – 78” wide.

​High Power Retrofits (COE HPR)

For any size roll feed, DC motors from 50 – 500 HP

SyncMaster® Integrated Controls

For any size roll feed, DC motors from 50 – 500 HP

Controls Upgrades

A simple controls upgrade can help you gain productivity in affordable ways. COE offers control packages that can be quickly implemented into existing lines, whether the original equipment is COE or produced by another manufacturer.

​Mechanical Upgrades

If your existing feeds, straighteners, and reels are functioning, but seem to be a bit challenged by throughput requirements or new materials, there are a number of improvements that COE can provide to boost your productivity.

Straightener Capacity

Straighteners can be upgraded and/or retrofit to effectively process today’s Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) with COE’s new, high-performance drives and motors, improved reduction packages and straightener packages designed specifically for processing AHSS.

Coil Containment

Upgrades to the threading drive system and the addition of hold-down arms, lower hold-up arms, and motorized end-wheels can help stampers safely process a wider variety of materials.

Load Direction Changes

Changing the loading direction of the coil reel or the controls position on the straightener and servo feed can give stampers the flexibility to improve plant layout.

Threading Safety

Existing coil feed lines can be upgraded with thread tables, peeler tables, debenders, and hands-free peeler/threader hold-downs to improve coil change efficiency and safety.

Motorized Line Functions

Machine axis such as passline height setting, edge guide adjustments, and straightener roll depth settings can be effectively motorized to enhance setup speed and consistency.

Line Speed

Upgrades to the machine drive and reducer package can double coil rate speeds—up to 100 FPM.


COE’s SERVOMASTER Touch controls are designed to be quickly implemented into existing lines.

COE HPR (High Power Retrofit)

COE’s High Power Retrofit (HPR) controls are designed to be quickly implemented into existing lines.

Refurbishment / Upgrades

Refurbishment can help bring an old coil feed line up to new quality, safety and controls standards at a price much lower than new machinery investment.
Technical Training

We want you to tap our brains.

We know that our success is based upon your success, so our involvement goes beyond just the development and installation of our coil feeding equipment. 

We can also support your organization with Customized Training and Education Programs implemented at our offices or on-site at your facility. Our technicians are trained to educate your team on the latest products and technologies available, helping you achieve maximum effectiveness from your equipment for increased productivity and quality.

One of our customers had our service team come to their site to provide training to their managers and supervisors, who then shared their knowledge with the equipment operators. The result? A 30% reduction in shifts while achieving the same output.

Spare Parts

We've Got You Covered

COE Press Equipment stocks and maintains a wide range of standard replacement and repair parts for our complete product line – with over half our orders shipped within 24 hours. For special parts, COE’s vertically integrated manufacturing capability allows us to manufacture on site to produce the parts you require efficiently and cost-effectively.
And, our unique warranty provides great coverage that you can count on.

Air Feed and Legacy Parts
Looking for replacement parts for our historical line of air feeds? Use the links below to download PDFs to help you identify your air feed as well as the parts you’d like to order. Then, just call us with the identification numbers so we can provide price and availability.