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Diverse Needs of Metal Service Centers

Metal Service Centers, serving as an intermediary between metal producers and a variety of end-users, need equipment that can process a wide range of materials. Typically offering a variety of value-add services, key responsibilities of these companies include coil straightening and blanking.

Coil Crane

Coil straightening involves stretching and compressing the incoming coil strip around several sets of rolls. These rolls alternately stretch and compress the upper and lower surfaces of the sheet metal.

This process puts the metal into a plastic state, which allows the rollers to removed stored stresses over a percentage of the material thickness. Coils can also come with a need to tame both coil set and cross bow.

Coil set is a curvature of the stock where the inside of the sheet ends up shorter than the outside.  Crossbow — another material handling pest — occurs across the width. Crossbow is when the bottom side of the material is shorter than the top side. Again, this is discussing the width of the material.

COE Straightener Tackles Coil Set and Cross Bow

Service centers can now save substantial money in their coil straightening operations by investing in a COE Precision Straightener for Service Centers. This robust and precise straightener allows companies to attain a level of flatness typically only achieved with a corrective, and more expensive, leveling system. It effectively removes coil set across a variety of coil materials including CR, HR, galvanized, pre-painted, dual- and triple-phase steels; aluminum and copper, as well as removing crossbow in many applications.

COE’s Precision Power Straightener has proven that it can consistently achieve a level of flatness appropriate for highly precise applications, potentially saving money for customers while enabling them to handle more tight tolerance orders.


  • Coil width: 1.0” – 36”
  • Thickness: up to .500”
  • Coil weight: up to 40,000#
  • Yield Strength: up to 300 KSI, while maintaining flatness tolerance of 0.003” TIR across 18”
  • Materials: aluminum; AHSS – dual & triple-phase steels; copper, CR, HR, galvanized and pre-painted steels

Purchasing Straighteners

The straighteners can be purchased alone or as part of a complete press feeding solution or Cut-to-Length (CTL) line. COE CTL lines are configured from the company’s standard and performance- proven feeds, straighteners and reels coupled with shear and stacking solution right-sized for the customer’s particular needs.