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COE Press Equipment has been providing robust solutions to the coil processing industry since 1976. We hard work to understand the customer’s needs, and have the R & D, engineering and manufacturing experience to offer superior solutions and innovative products to improve your operations and profitability like no other in the industry.
COE supplies and services a wide variety of global markets and industries.  Financially stable and globally capable, we deliver and maintain coil processing systems no matter where you manufacture.
Our direct sales representatives provide product consultation in the United States as well as in Canada and Mexico to ensure our high standards of customer satisfaction are met. For more information about our products, contact the dealer in your area.

Tom Brockie

Cell (586) 764-5473
​Desk (586) 620-9126
​In Illinois, South of I-72

Al Kibzey

Cell (586) 764-5476
​Desk (586) 620-9167
In Michigan, East of US-127

John Kwiatkowski

​(586) 620-9121

Fernando Alvarado

+52 81 2085 4040
​(586) 482-2060

Bill Streb

(586) 764-5470
In Michigan, West of US-127
​In Illinois, North of I-72