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Material Savings Benefits

COE introduced the second generation of multi-mode Direct Transfer Press Feed Systems that added “trapezoid” near net shaped blanks for material savings benefits.
We introduced the first generation of multi-mode Direct Transfer Press Feed Systems that combined the efficiency of coil feeding with flexibility of blank feeding.
We launched the Sesco Products Group division to focus on niche technologies such as CTL Lines, Blanking Lines, Oscillating Shear Dies and Presses, Blank Washers and Sprayers.
COE introduced the ServoMaster Controller and Yaskawa digital servos as standard for single-axis, zig-zag, push-pull, and step-programmable applications.
We developed standardized 10,000# – 60,000# Coil Reels and Coil Cars in seven models.
We introduced the ServoMaster® Series of “standard” servo feeds in four models.
COE introduced the PowerLine Series for “economic” servo feed applications along with BG-1 Servo Feed Controller for “economic” single-axis feeding applications.
COE developed its second generation BG-2 Servo Feed Controller with job memory and diagnostics as standard; servo controller for single-axis and multiple-axis feeding applications.
COE developed the first generation COE Servo Feed Controller as standard; servo controller and operator interface for single-axis feeding applications.
We added an 18,000 sq. ft. facility for CNC Machining.
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