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COE Announces Precision Power Straighteners Suited for Service Centers

COE Press Equipment has announced the suitability of its Precision Power Straighteners for Metal Service Centers processing a variety of modern materials and alloys. Evolving from a proven straightener design originally launched in 2016, COE’s Precision Power Straightener can process coil at widths from 1.0” to 78” thickness up to 0.650”, weights up to 40,000 lbs., and yield strengths up to 300 KSI while holding flatness tolerances of 0.003” TIR across 18”.  This makes these straighteners a good solution for filling the capability gap between old straightener technology and corrective levelers.

COE’s Precision Power Straighteners effectively remove coil set across a variety of coil materials including CR, HR, galvanized, pre-painted, dual- and triple-phase steels; aluminum and copper, as well as removing crossbow in many applications. As compared to other straighteners, this machine provides increased roll force delivery, stronger gears and bearings, and an improved straightener roller backup mechanism for more robust rigidity.

These straighteners have proven that they can consistently achieve a level of flatness appropriate for highly precise applications, potentially saving money for customers while enabling them to handle more tight tolerance orders. This includes the ability to process fine blanking and laser cut blanking applications.

“Coil straightening is a primary metal service center responsibility, correcting material memory to deliver high-quality product to their customers,” said President Reid Coe. “COE’s straighteners are designed to be robust, precise and flexible, making them an effective and economical alternative solution for this task.”  

The straighteners can be purchased alone or as part of a complete press feeding solution or Cut-to-Length (CTL) line. COE CTL lines are configured from the company’s standard and performance- proven feeds, straighteners and reels coupled with shear and stacking solution right-sized for the customer’s particular needs.

For more information on this equipment, visit our Metal Service Centers page.

Coe Press Equipment Precision Straightener

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