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COE Press Equipment Announces Mini ServoMaster Touch™

Next-Gen and Economical Replacement for Obsolete Controllers

Coe Press Equipment has announced the Mini ServoMaster Touch™ controller, its next generation servo feed HMI to replace obsolete or failed controllers. Offering many of the same features as the COE ServoMaster 6 controller, the Mini ServoMaster provides significant cost savings compared to a complete servo controls retrofit.  It is a direct replacement for Coe servo drive packages that were originally equipped with the following controllers:
CPEC ThumbwheelsCoe BG1Coe BG2Coe ServoMasterCoe ServoMaster 3Features of the Mini ServoMaster include a compact user-friendly color touchscreen interface and error diagnostics as well as plug-and-play operation with existing Acroloop or Yaskawa motion controllers.  It also includes the Coe Work Roll Advisor, which quickly estimates powered straightener roll settings for a variety of materials and systems, as well as the Coe Performance Advisor for optimizing servo feed job setup.  Additional capabilities include production data reporting of feed cycles and material usage, and downloading of set-up data or job number selection. Its multi-axis capabilities include push-pull, zig-zag and tailout configurations.
Other features of the new ServoMaster Touch Controller include 500-job memory storage and password-protected job editing and parameters to secure stored recipes. For more information on COE Press Equipment’s new ServoMaster Touch controller, contact COE.

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