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COE Focuses on Equipment Performance, Backed by Science and Service
In booth C16020, COE Press Equipment’s theme is all about performance. COE’s ability to deliver productivity is being emphasized through its newest coil processing equipment and the physical presence of its Service Van and on-site service team.

Science Sets the Foundation
COE has been on the forefront of processing today’s advanced high strength steels (AHHS), developing its first straightener in 2014 to handle these materials. Since then, COE has expanded this capability into more of its equipment including the SpaceMaster™ HD Series 4 and 5 compact coil lines, which can fit in under 27-ft. of floor space, and the recently re-designed 350 Series Straightener.

Key to COE’s success in this area is the fact that every product the company produces is backed by performance numbers and FEA analysis. COE has developed proprietary utilities and tools that calculate the hard data needed to prove out whether or not a machine can handle the high torque and forces needed to shape high-strength materials. There is science behind every solution the company develops.

Service Optimizes Productivity
COE’s equipment is designed for ideal productivity, the reality is that the people needed to keep it running at its best are often too busy to provide this focus and time. Through a variety of offerings, Coe’s service team can keep your personnel and your equipment, be it COE or another brand, performing optimally.

COE’s service team is on-site during the show to answer any questions regarding Technical Support, Field Service, Technical Training, or Preventative Maintenance. Of special interest is COE’s Refurbishment and Retrofit services, where it has proven success in retrofitting existing coil lines with new straightener heads capable of processing AHSS.

After the FABTECH show, COE is taking its Service Van on a road trip and attendees are encouraged to visit the booth and request an appointment for a visit and equipment evaluation.

Success for 40 Years
Celebrating 40 years of performance, COE invites attendees to join its anniversary celebration each day of the show at 3:00 or stop by the booth earlier for a cappuccino or coffee. 
John Coe, entrepreneur and CEO, started COE Press Equipment in 1976 with $500, selling rebuilds, used equipment, accessories and parts to the metal stamping industry. When a customer asked for a new 60-in. double air feed line with a 7-roll straightener and a 20,000-lb. reel, John took the opportunity and hired two employees to help. This line established COE as a provider of a higher quality machine with innovative features. By 1978, a 2,000 sq. ft. building was rented on South Street in Rochester with another 2000-sq. ft. building added a year later. 

Since then, COE has continued to grow, currently numbering five buildings totaling 65,000 sq. ft. and housing sales, engineering, machining, fabrication, assembly and service.

For information on any of the COE Press Equipment offerings, visit booth C16020

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