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COE Press Equipment announced the enhancement of its existing 3-2-1 Warranty to an exclusive 5-4-3 Warranty. This new warranty provides five-year limited coverage on components manufactured by COE; four-year limited coverage on mechanical components installed by COE; and three-year coverage on the complete system. 

In recent years, COE has made a strategic move toward modular products based upon standard designs. This change has reduced the number of components required, reducing the number of welds and streamlining assembly. This has enabled the company to increase the reliability and simplify the maintenance of the coil processing equipment, as well as accommodating reconfiguration as a customer’s need changes.

“We believe that COE has always been recognized for producing robust machines,” commented President Reid Coe, “but with our new designs, we see even more reliability with fewer parts required for repairs, enabling us to confidently offer this unique warranty.”

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