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Applications for Success

AHSS Retrofit for Conventional Coil Processing

COE has been providing quality coil processing solutions to a variety of industries since 1976, helping companies deal with everything from coated coil that must be handled with care to structural steel used in construction applications.  With thousands of installations in the field, you can count on COE to develop a solution suited specifically to your needs. Here’s a small illustration of customers that we serve. Liberty Steel Industries is an excellent example of success in conventional coil processing.

Liberty Experiences COE Integrity

Liberty Steel Industries, founded by the Weller family in 1965, has grown from a 4,000 sq. ft. facility to a multi-location 9001:2008-certified firm that is consistently listed as a “Top 50” steel service center by Metal Center News. The company has consistently taken on challenging materials and parts projects for its customers. In doing so, much of recent material being processed included Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS), which was taking a toll on equipment designed for mild steels. On contacting COE for some replacement parts, Liberty learned that an upgrade to its straightener head would perform better and provide better ROI. After a two-week retrofit, the company is successfully running high tensile materials, and is confident in its ability to meet customers current and future needs. Contact COE’s service team to see how they can retrofit longevity into your processes to feed your future.

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