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COE Ships Compact Coil Line to Ameristar

COE Press Equipment has recently shipped and installed a SpaceMaster Series 3 compact coil lines to Ameristar Manufacturing, a full-service metal fabricator in Mankato, MN. The compact coil line combines unwinding, straightening and feeding of coil stock into one piece of compact equipment capable of processing a variety of material within space-constrained areas. The SpaceMaster Series 3 fits within 15.33 sq-ft. of floor space where a conventional line would require twice that area.

The Ameristar SpaceMaster Series 3 can handle materials from .010-in to .187-in. thick up to 20” wide and coil weight up to 11,000-lbs.  Materials capable of being processed include CRS, HRS, stainless and aluminum.  The systems are capable of achieving press feeding speeds of 60 SPM.

Other features such as powered coil guides, hydraulic hold down with motorized endwheel, and a pivoting peeler-debender are provided for effective coil containment and threading. These machines come standard with all necessary features for effective coil containment, hands-free threading, and accurate feeding of the coil strip. 

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