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COE’s Latest Generation ServoMaster® Touch Controls Include Advanced Roll Forming Tools


COE Press Equipment’s lastest ServoMaster Touch® Controller comes with a new larger 7” touchscreen, an additional Ethernet communications port and a host of tools that are particularly suited to the needs of roll formers. These roll form features include:
Stretch Compensation Tool – During roll forming, the material can become elongated or stretched by the roll mill. This tool enables user to enter the actual length of the stretched part as well as the desired length of the part. By pressing ‘Accept”, a scaling factor is applied to each step to compensate for the elongation.

Sequence Mode –  The ability to switch to Sequence configuration permits multi-step jobs to be created, enabling up to 50 steps per job to a total of 4000 steps of storage.
Programmable Outputs – Many applications that use Sequence Mode require Programmable Outputs, which allows for up to six programmable output cards (36 outputs) to be added to a standard ServoMaster® controller. Programmable Outputs can be set to come on before, during, or after the index or not at all.

Interrupt – This function is typically used for roll forming applications to allow the mill to consume a loop of material after a punch operation. When the input is disabled by the roll form mill or other device, the controller pauses the index until the input is reenabled.  Once enabled, the feed will complete the index and resume operation.
FSP –  This feature enables the ServoMaster® controller to close a contact to signal auxiliary equipment when each index is completed.

“We are continually enhancing our controls in ways that benefit our customers,” said COE President Reid Coe, “And this  ServoMaster® offering can help eliminate the need for roll formers to invest in more expensive, specialized control systems, as well as helping automate line setup.”
COE’s ServoMaster® controls have numerous other advanced features including Feed Advisor and Work Roll Advisor, which eliminate guesswork during job setup by calculating feeder speed and acceleration, and straightener work roll settings for the user, significantly reducing setup time. Additionally, a Micro-Adjust feature automatically compensates on-the-fly for short/long parts, adjusting to the ideal index length for a job.
The ServoTouch controllers have the ability to control any auxiliary equipment such as a stock lubricator, scrap shaker, conveyor, etc. as well as to integrate with press controls, providing a complete and compact controls system with single point entry for all job specific parameters.
ServoMaster® controls are standard on new COE roll feeds or can be quickly implemented into existing lines as a retrofit, whether the original equipment is COE or produced by another manufacturer.  To see a complete listing of ServoMaster® features, visit https://cpec.com/servo-and-plcs.html.

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